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Our Philosophy

Who We Are

OAPS is a school founded on the philosophy that play is a child's vehicle for learning. We view learning as a natural and ongoing process, occurring as we interact with our environment, and we view each child as an individual who develops and discovers in their own ways. Building meaningful relationships between teacher and child, and among other children, is central to the work we do.

Our programs are based on The Creative Curriculum, which rests firmly on a foundation of early childhood education research. Our curriculum addresses academic content while keeping a purposeful play philosophy. (We play with a purpose!) A central goal is to help each child acquire the social-emotional competence and skills he or she needs to succeed as a learner. We strive to create a peaceful classroom community where each child can explore, create and experiment freely. Our curriculum includes regular schedules and routines, and reflects state learning standards as it supports teaching content in a developmentally appropriate way. Here are a few examples:

What children are learning when they play at or with:

  • Sensory Table/Play Dough: (sand, rice, water, etc.)—pouring, hand-eye coordination (writing skills); counting, measuring, balance (math); sharing (social skills); imagination, role playing (creative thinking & social skills).

  • Puzzles & Manipulative Toys: observation, motor planning, hand-eye coordination (reading &writing skills); shape recognition, spatial awareness, matching, classification (math, science, & critical thinking skills).

  • Imaginary Play Area: fact, fiction, role playing, imagination (creative thinking, social and emotional skills); awareness of community – workers, helpers, diversity (social studies).

  • Indoor/Outdoor Play: cooperative groups, taking turns (social skills); gross and fine motor development.

  • Circle Time: learning songs and rhymes (vocabulary/language skills); listening to peer's talk (listening and speaking skills); participating in story-telling activities (language skills, creative and critical thinking skills)

Children Are Our Business!

Here at Open Arms we believe in fostering friendship and learning through play. We strive to provide an enriching environment where children can develop a sense of self, engage in activities that will increase their love of learning and grow their independence, while fostering social skills.  

Our loving and caring staff helps to ensure that each child feels safe and secure.  We want your child’s first school experience to be the best foundation for many learning years to come.

We Provide

  • Safe and caring environment
  • Certified Teachers
  • Organized Program including:
    • Free Play
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Story Time
    • Books galore
    • Music time
    • Gross Motor Skills
    • Snack Time