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9:30-11:00 - 14 week semester

Playgroup is for children 14-30 mos. (1-1/2 hr. class, 2 days a week. Child must be accompanied by an adult.)

This 1 ½ hour class allows children and their parents or caregivers to enjoy the preschool experience  together.  Kind, loving teachers guide children through activities such as music, art, gym, movement, imaginative play, story time and group snack.  The goal is to support children as they gain self-confidence and independence in a safe, stimulating environment while developing the skills needed for preschool.  This class is offered 2 days a week. You can choose Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.  We offer 3 semesters.  



2 Days (M, W) or (T, TH) $1,400 (Application Fee: $100)